Yuki Hashimoto 2020AW Collection available now at select retailers.

Tokyo Fashion Award designer Yuki Hashimoto has unveiled his Autumn Winter 2020 Look Book. The designer is graduated from Royal academy of fine arts Antwerp and worked at legend designers brand such as Raf Simons, Maison Margiela and Kris Van Assche. The theme of the 2020 AW collection is based on a fictional mystery movie. The inspiration of this collection is the art work of Rinus Van De Velde, “The Villagers”. This collection is based on a story that begins with an unexpected crime that occurs in a small town in the US. New collection represents this mystical crime scene and focused on the image of these characters involved: an over sized work-vest worn by police officers, a shaded plaid shirt worn by the victim and a work coat worn by other local residents in town. The designer was inspired by Rinus’s style of creating a vivid contrast with charcoal painting. “YUKI HASHIMOTO Original Painting” was created by transforming this idea into clothing. He designed the contrast not on paper, but on a pair of plain white work-pants. They also continued our collaboration with artist Kazuto Ishikawa. He formed this depicted story into a movie advertisement  called “MISUNDERSTOOD”, with some keywords in the story: ‘The True Story Based on Fiction’ and ‘Alter-Ego’.  The printed plaid pattern represents the scenery of the day. All of these details truly deepen our collection concept, thus, are very special collaboration items. Yuki Hashimoto 2020AW Collection is available now at select retailers.